Wow check out the work from Evie, our youngest camper at the tech4teens camp #nhv: @CTMirror @nhregister @NHFPL @NewHavenReads @LEAPforkids @PoorvuCenter @newsgirlct @ARMZachariah @EducateCT thx @scsu and @yale mentors for making a difference

OMG checkout this comment from our camper Emma “one of the few good things that has came from Covid-19” @CTMirror @nhregister @NHFPL @NewHavenReads @LEAPforkids @PoorvuCenter @newsgirlct @ARMZachariah @EducateCT thx @scsu and @yale mentors for making a difference

Hey @actualham @baha_mali @wiobyrne check out this cool thing a student did in my #edu522 class comparing our #openpedagogy pieces

I am not sure places like AERA NCTE and LRA will be assets. More anchors, so rooted in racism and sexism of #highered. I know people say “wait we have new gate-keeps” F that. I ain’t nobody’s snowball. #literacies

We can start small, like why don’t we all promise to openly license and share our coursework so we can take advantage of each other’s labor.

We can think big about stuff like value driven co-ops rather than exploitative consulting

Check out the feeds from the campers #literacies. just got their website today: let’s drop the word management and think about syndication plumbing rather than surveillance edtech learning

What we are doing with @goifoundation and #tech4teens is a gLocal project. Either model can be copied. All resources open source. We raise two hundred dollars for two years of server space for each club. #literacies