Wow check out the work from Evie, our youngest camper at the tech4teens camp #nhv: @CTMirror @nhregister @NHFPL @NewHavenReads @LEAPforkids @PoorvuCenter @newsgirlct @ARMZachariah @EducateCT thx @scsu and @yale mentors for making a difference

OMG checkout this comment from our camper Emma “one of the few good things that has came from Covid-19” @CTMirror @nhregister @NHFPL @NewHavenReads @LEAPforkids @PoorvuCenter @newsgirlct @ARMZachariah @EducateCT thx @scsu and @yale mentors for making a difference

My First Blog!
My First blog! This website is all about my life and what I do for fun. It’s a way for me to express myself and connect with others. I don’t have a general idea of what i am going to blog about, but i know there is going to be a bunch of fun stuff. This is just a starter blog, but my next blog w...

Emma such an amazing design. Hard to believe camp is winding down. I hope we keep hanging on our websites together

Another idea. We can try to create opportunities for students and teachers.  Our kids in camp had a blast. Check out what @Yale and @SCSU mentors were doing with campers today:

This is suppose to be new?
Instructions Define Pedagogy. Define Open. Define Open Pedagogy. If it ain’t a good fit for you say so. Pedagogy – how one goes about teaching another Open – as a verb it involves movement, increasing a space whether physical or cognitive; as an adjective it involves expansion of reach Open Pe...

Supposed to be new? dunno? Dewey and Montessori wrote some of my favorite quotes on how to teach with the Internet.

Information Wildfires
As long as it is still too hot to do much else than sweat (no AC) as I listen to the roar of the many fans, I might as well try to get a handle on another assignment as when the heat breaks I need to go into a big push mode to make up cognitive time loss on the course project. Previous summers I wou...

There isn’t a parallel to f2f because we would never rubcricize every single conversation we have in class.

So why do this online?

My discussion boards are a 1/0 you either our shared criteria or a class or you did not.

Instead of a rubric I provide a checklist of criteria. I can write my ideas to that.

In terms of Claim, Connect, Action…can’t take credit for it, Claim, evidence, warrant came before. Same thing.

I don’t own the term (not beyond my beliefs taht terms can’t be owned) due to work for hire relationships but it all began when I coached a group of Hartford administrators
to write observation reports.

We needed a simple replicable approach…and OMG does it work. I make a claim of quality against my checklist about your work, I then link to evidence from your artifacts (the student’s posts) and then I provide actionable feedback using the language of the checklist again.

Hey @actualham @baha_mali @wiobyrne check out this cool thing a student did in my #edu522 class comparing our #openpedagogy pieces

a post
Here is also a logo that I created on   

Really cool logo..I see you switched themes..FYI to let you know some of the stuff may not work as well but that is okay. If you want to change themes have fun and find something that is you.