scrrenshot of HTML movie poster called Fax with a fax background and tagline of old tech coming alive

Today in the #tech4teens camp we practiced nested semantic #html5 elements as we built our Movie Posters.

I love this project we designed originally with Mozilla and Girls Who Code. It lives on with Glitch but it is by far one of the best digital storytelling tools.

Sure students build websites and learn HTML, but that’s not the point. Something about the movie poster lends to backstories. I heard pitches today that would make Hollywood gaga.

Code is copy pasted. The world needs storytellers.

Emma I love the color choice you made from yoru background. Overtime you can start to play with fonts and stuff.

Often I find it easier for myself (everyone, like our websites, is different) to add custom CSS to change fonts and colors.

My First Blog!
My First blog! This website is all about my life and what I do for fun. It’s a way for me to express myself and connect with others. I don’t have a general idea of what i am going to blog about, but i know there is going to be a bunch of fun stuff. This is just a starter blog, but my next blog w...

Emma, the only rule to blogging is you get to write all the rules. Have fun, already I see your personality dancing off the stage as a Mountain range rising into the future. Have fun

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Bookmarked The legend of Link by Demario Ceasar Made with a creative frenzy This is the padlet I made in camp

Wow Demario such an amazing padlet. I can’t wait to have you join us again next year as a counselor in training.