Information Wildfires
As long as it is still too hot to do much else than sweat (no AC) as I listen to the roar of the many fans, I might as well try to get a handle on another assignment as when the heat breaks I need to go into a big push mode to make up cognitive time loss on the course project. Previous summers I wou...

There isn’t a parallel to f2f because we would never rubcricize every single conversation we have in class.

So why do this online?

My discussion boards are a 1/0 you either our shared criteria or a class or you did not.

Instead of a rubric I provide a checklist of criteria. I can write my ideas to that.

In terms of Claim, Connect, Action…can’t take credit for it, Claim, evidence, warrant came before. Same thing.

I don’t own the term (not beyond my beliefs taht terms can’t be owned) due to work for hire relationships but it all began when I coached a group of Hartford administrators
to write observation reports.

We needed a simple replicable approach…and OMG does it work. I make a claim of quality against my checklist about your work, I then link to evidence from your artifacts (the student’s posts) and then I provide actionable feedback using the language of the checklist again.

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