designed #tech4teens as bilingual and encourage students to speak in their preferred language or mix thereof. but I do not think we got enough bilingual students where campers new to English felt comfortable speaking in Spanish. We hired more translators and support them privately (what kids wanted) #literacies

What we are doing with @goifoundation and #tech4teens is a gLocal project. Either model can be copied. All resources open source. We raise two hundred dollars for two years of server space for each club. #literacies

Been telling everyone in this #literacies chat that work will not happen if we continue to engage in the conference/publication racket: I miss seeing everyone at carbon sucking conferences…but we need to take a stand.

Been working on a new theoretical model around idea of agentive apprenticeship, building off of work from scholars all over the world. so much more to cite than JPG and Vygotsky

This is the digital literacies class: also folks should check out all we do in Ghana through @goifoundation #globalacademic #literacies

My #edu307 children’s literature class always starts off with #globalacademic but this year we looked at living racism all around us like the Merrit Parkway students drive to school every day. #literacies

I am teaching three sections of field observations….I have no idea what that will even entail….probably never will until it is over. Did redo my #edu522 for a more k12 remote teaching class