Yes! this! Maybe I dunno…hold “international” conferences NOT in USA…but they can’t because addiction to the conference money…so we stay in swanky beach resorts and talk about fighting poverty #literacies

I am not sure places like AERA NCTE and LRA will be assets. More anchors, so rooted in racism and sexism of #highered. I know people say “wait we have new gate-keeps” F that. I ain’t nobody’s snowball. #literacies

We can start small, like why don’t we all promise to openly license and share our coursework so we can take advantage of each other’s labor.

We can think big about stuff like value driven co-ops rather than exploitative consulting

I may or may not have a journal ready for such effort….but after trying to do it myself would seek small grants for editorial support. (content warning for flash sensitivity) #literacies

Check out the feeds from the campers #literacies. just got their website today: let’s drop the word management and think about syndication plumbing rather than surveillance edtech learning

I know of so many parents who will pull their kids from public school and self organize home school units…not an option for many in the we has #literacies researchers have a duty to provide these options? Would we be undermining public schools (which are tools of oppression historically)

For me it is start from the local out and connect to others with a shared problem. I think a major focus of #literacies researchers is to work to recenter the web in marginalized communities. If not the appropriation and exploitation of art continues #literacies